Nokia 6310 - Call divert

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Call divert



, select



Call settings


Call divert

(network service). With call divert you can

direct your incoming calls to another number, for example, to your voice mailbox number. For details,
contact your service provider. Divert options not supported by your SIM card or your network operator
may not be shown.

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Menu functions


Select the divert option you want, for example, select

Divert if busy

to divert the voice calls when your

number is busy or when you reject an incoming call.

To set the divert setting on, select


, to set the divert setting off, select


, or

Check status

to check whether the divert is activated or not. To change the timeout when the call is diverted, first

Set delay

if this is available for the divert option, and then select


to set the divert

setting on.

To cancel all the active call diverts at once, select the option

Cancel all diverts


To see the divert indicators in standby mode, see Standby mode on page 18.