Nokia 6310 - Security module settings

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Security module settings



, select





Security module settings

. If there is no security module in the


Insert security module

is displayed.

In the

Security module settings

menu you have the following options:

Security module details

show the security module label, its status, manufacturer and serial number.

Module PIN request

: The phone asks you for the module PIN code, which is supplied with the SIM

card. Key in the code, and select


to set the security module to ask for the module PIN code.

Change module PIN

: Key in the current module PIN code. Press


and key in the new code


Change signing PIN

shows a list of signing PINs in alphabetical order if you have more than one

signing PIN in your phone. The signing PIN is supplied with the SIM card. Select the signing PIN you
want to change. Key in the current signing PIN code. Press


and key in the new code twice.

If you key in a wrong PIN code several times, the phone may display

PIN code blocked

and ask you to

key in the PUK code. Contact your service provider to get the PUK code, and key it in. To key in the PUK
code later, you must first try to use the PIN, and you will then be asked for the PUK code.

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