Nokia 6310 - Digital signature

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Digital signature

With the digital signature functionality you can, for example, digitally sign a bill or a financial
contract. The signature can be traced back to you via the private key and the associated certificate that
was used to perform the signature, so signing using the digital signature is the same as signing your
name to a paper bill, contract or other document.

A digital signature is initiated by a code embedded in a WAP page. Select a link, for example, the title
of the book you want to buy and its price. The digital signature procedure starts and shows the text to
sign. At this point the header text is


and the digital signature icon

is shown.

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Menu functions


Note: If the digital signature icon does not appear, this means that there is a security breach,
and you should not enter any personal data such as your signing PIN.

To sign the displayed text, select


, after you have read all of the text.

Note: The text may not fit within a single screen. Therefore, make sure to scroll through and
read all of the text before signing.

Select the user certificate you want to use. Key in the signing PIN and press


. Since the PIN code will

not be sent outside the phone, it will remain secret. The phone displays a confirmation

Code accepted


If you entered a wrong PIN, an error note

Code error

is displayed, and the phone asks you to key in the

PIN code again. After the confirmation has been displayed, the digital signature icon will dissappear,
and browsing continues. The WAP service may display a confirmation of your purchase.