Nokia 6310 - Certificates

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There are three kinds of certificates:

• Server certificates

A server certificate is sent from the server to the phone and its validity is checked using the
authority certificates stored in the phone or the security module. This way you can be certain that a
WAP gateway or a WAP server is the one it claims to be.

You will see a note on the phone display if the identity of the WAP server or WAP gateway cannot
be verified, if the WAP server or WAP gateway certificate is not authentic or if you do not have the
right authority certificate in your phone.

• Authority certificates

Authority certificates are used by some WAP services, such as banking services, for checking
signatures or server certificates or other authority certificates.

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Menu functions


Menu functions

You can download the certificate from a WAP page, if the WAP service supports the use of authority
certificates. After the download, you can view the certificate and then save or delete it. If you save
the certificate, it is added to the certificate list in the phone. Authority certificates may also be
available in the security module.

• User certificates

User certificates are issued to users by a Certifying Authority. They associate a user with a specific
private key in a security module, and they are stored in the module by the SIM card issuer or the
service provider.