Nokia 6310 - General guidelines for using the phone keys

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General guidelines for using the phone keys

• Use the scroll keys


to browse the WAP page.

• To select a highlighted item, press


• To enter letters and numbers, press the keys


and to enter special characters, press the

key .

• Some or all of the following options are available while a WAP connection is in progress. Press


and select the option you want.


- to go back to the homepage of the WAP service


- the list of bookmarks is displayed. For details, see Bookmarks on page 86.



Open row


Open link


Open list

- to key in text or select a highlighted item on the WAP page.

Add bookmark

- to add the current WAP page as a bookmark in your bookmarks list.

Go to address

- to key in the address of the WAP service you want.

Service inbox

- the list of service messages is displayed, see Service inbox on page 87.

Appear. sett.

- for details, see Appearance settings of the WAP browser on page 85.

Download settings

- for details, see Download settings on page 86.

Use number

- to copy a number from the current WAP page for saving or calling (and ends the WAP

connection). If the WAP page contains several numbers, you may select the desired one.


- to reload and update the current WAP page.

Clear the cache

- for details, see The cache memory on page 88.

Security info

- to view security information about the current WAP connection and the server.


- to quit browsing and end the call.

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