Nokia 6310 - Options for sending a message

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Options for sending a message

After you have written a message, press


, and select

Sending options


• To send a message to several recipients, select

Send to many

. When you have sent the message to

everyone you want to send it to, press



• To send a message using a message profile, select

Sending profile

and then the message profile you

want to use.

For example, if you select a profile you have defined as an e-mail transmission, key in or search the
phone book for the recipient’s e-mail address and press


. Key in the e-mail service number, select


to send the message.

To define a message profile, see Message settings on page 50.

• To forward a message to several recipients or using a message profile, select

Forw. options

and then


Send to many


Sending profile

, respectively.