Nokia 6310 - Infrared (Menu 9)

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Infrared (Menu 9)

You can set up the phone to receive data through its infrared (IR) port. To use an IR
connection, the device with which you want to establish a connection must be IrDA
compliant. You can send or receive data such as business cards and calendar notes to or from a
compatible phone or data device (for example, a computer) via the IR port of your phone.

Do not point the IR (infrared) beam at anyone’s eye or allow it to interfere with other IR devices. This
device is a Class 1 Laser product.

Note: The phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch on the phone when
the use of a wireless phone is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.

Sending and receiving data via IR
• Ensure that the IR ports of the sending and receiving devices are pointing at each other and that

there are no obstructions between the devices. The preferable distance between the two devices in
an infrared connection is one metre at most.

• To activate the IR port of your phone to receive data via IR, press


and select



• The user of the sending phone selects the desired IR function to start data transfer.

If data transfer is not started within two minutes after the activation of the IR port, the connection is
cancelled and has to be started again.

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Menu functions


Menu functions

IR connection indicator
• When

is shown continuously, the IR connection is activated and your phone is ready to send or

receive data via its IR port.

• When

blinks, your phone is trying to connect to the other device or a connection has been lost.