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you can store personal information, such as notes and virtual cards (for example credit or

loyalty card information). You can also enter a WAP store and pay for your purchases with the wallet.

When you try to access wallet for the first time, you need to create your own wallet code at the prompt

Create wallet code:

. Key in and accept the wallet code, which can be 4-10 characters long and confirm

it at the prompt

Verify wallet code:

If the verification succeeds, the phone displays

Wallet code created


Note that there is no limit to the number of times you can key in the code verification. If you key in a
wrong wallet code several times, the wallet application is blocked for five minutes.

If you want to reset the content of the wallet and the wallet code, key in *#3925538# in idle mode.
You need to enter the phones security code before the contents and the wallet code are erased. Note
that all the wallet contents will be erased.



, select


, and


. The phone displays

Enter wallet code:

After you have keyed in

the correct code and confirmed it, you can select



Personal notes



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