Nokia 6310 - Call counters and call timers

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Call counters and call timers

Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending upon

network features, rounding-off for billing, taxes and so forth.



and select

Call register

. Select

Call duration

and scroll to view the approximate duration of your incoming and outgoing calls in

hours, minutes and seconds. To clear the timers, the security code is needed.
Each phone line has its own call timers and the timers of the selected line is displayed. See Line for
outgoing calls on page 57.

Call costs

(network service) and select

Last call units


All calls’ units

to check the cost of your last

call or all calls.


Call cost settings

and then select

Clear counters

, or select

Show costs in

to set the phone to

show the remaining talk time in terms of charging units


, or units of currency,



Contact your service provider for charging unit prices. Select

Call cost limit

to limit the cost of your

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Menu functions


Menu functions

calls to a certain amount of charging units or units of currency. The PIN2 code is needed for the call
cost settings.

Note: When no more charging units or currency units are left, calls may only be possible to
the emergency number programmed into your phone (e.g. 112 or other official emergency

GPRS data counter

and scroll to check the amounts of data that were last sent and last received,

data sent and received in total, and to clear the counters. The counter unit is a byte.

GPRS connection timer

and scroll to check the duration of the last GPRS connection or the total

GPRS connection. You can also clear the timers.