Nokia 6310 - Calendar (Menu 8)

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Calendar (Menu 8)

The calendar helps you to keep track of reminders, calls that you need to make,
meetings, and birthdays. The phone sounds an alarm tone when the set date for an
event is reached.

Note: The phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch on the phone when
the use of a wireless phone is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.



and select


. Scroll to the day you want. If there are any notes set for the day, the

corresponding note type indicator is shown. If you want to see the day’s notes, press




Day notes

. The note indicator is shown on the first line. You can view a single note by scrolling to

it in day view, then pressing




. The week view shows four weeks at a time.

The other options for the calendar views may include:
• Options for making a note, for sending a note via IR, or as a note directly to another phone’s

calendar or as a text message.

• Options for erasing, editing, moving and repeating a note and for copying a note to another day.

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Menu functions


Menu functions


to set, for example, the date, time, date format or time format. In the

Auto erase


you can set the phone to delete old notes automatically after a specified time. However, the repeat
notes, for example, birthday notes, will not be deleted.