Nokia 6310 - Pairing with Bluetooth Passcode

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Pairing with Bluetooth Passcode

To create a secure connection, you may need to exchange Bluetooth Passcodes with the device you are
connecting to for the first time. This operation is called pairing. The Bluetooth Passcode is a 1 to 16
character-long numeric code. Accessories, as well as data and fax connections to a compatible
computer, require a pairing. Nokia accessories have fixed passcodes that are supplied with the

When forming a Bluetooth connection to devices other than a Nokia accessory, for example to another
mobile phone, you can create your own passcode. This passcode is used only once and you do not have
to memorise it. Make up identical passcodes with the other person with whom you want to share a
Bluetooth connection. If you need to create the pairing between the two devices again, you can make
up a new code.